Edwina McKinney

Edwina McKinneyEdwina McKinney is a Senior Instructor with Orion Development Group. Ms. McKinney has more than 20 years of experience in management and organizational training. She has provided quality management, process improvement and Balanced Scorecard training for both public and private sector organizations.

As an IBM Systems senior manager, Ms. McKinney utilized her extensive training experience in workflow analysis, human resource activities, quality processes, employee motivation and management skills for changing environments. As a member of IBM’s management team, she participated in their preparation for the Malcolm Baldrige Award. This broad experience enables Ms. McKinney to excel in both management-level and executive-level training assignments.

Ms. McKinney has developed and delivered business seminars for many organizations. As an IBM loaned executive, she designed, developed, conducted and documented a five-course curriculum for a non-profit organization. For this she received the IBM “Curriculum of the Year” Award. She has served as an instructor and advisor to many companies implementing quality improvement programs and has taught professional development seminars from universities throughout the country.

Ms. McKinney received her undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon and conducted her graduate studies at the University of Minnesota and Harvard University.

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