Success Stories

Orion has worked on hundreds of process improvement and redesign projects of all sizes in all industries…from simple streamlining assignments within departments at Dakota County and Consolidated Edison to organization-wide solutions for the Michigan Office of Retirement Services and Ameritech.  We measure our success by evaluating:

  • Strategic Impact – How did the project align with big picture goals?
  • Employee Engagement – Did your team actively contribute? (Essential for buy-in.)
  • Quantifiable Business Results – What is the one-year ROI?
  • Skill Transfer – Did training and coaching deliver self-sufficiency?
  • Sustainability – Are mechanisms in place to assure ongoing excellence?

Client case studies and videos will be uploaded this winter.  In the meantime, click here to read the Michigan Office of Retirement Services’ story. This agency has achieved 15 years of sustainable, self-driven process excellence.
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