Essentials of Business Process Management

A live, online BPM learning event

Three (3) Two-Hour Modules

A strategic and tactical look at the world of BPM

Business Process Management has emerged as the glue that enables organizations to effectively integrate strategic initiatives, information technology investments and day-to-day operations, thereby enabling sustainable operational excellence. Essentials of Business Process Management is a six-hour e-learning event that will provide foundational knowledge from the Association of Business Process Management Professionals’ (ABPMP) Comprehensive Body of Knowledge as well as practical roadmaps to guide your BPM journey.

This course provides professional development hours towards ABPMP re-certification. It is also the entry module to the Business Process Management Certificate Series at Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan and George Mason University near Washington, DC.

Key Learning Points

  • Why a systems view is essential to sustainable success
  • Where the ABPMP’s Knowledge areas fit
  • Beyond Improvement: What you can achieve with BPM
  • Improvement strategies (Lean vs. Six Sigma, etc.)
  • 3 Ms of Process Improvement: Map, Measure, Manage
  • Creating a culture of improvement
  • Managing Across Silos: Results of a best practice survey
  • Charting the course ahead for your organization

Module 1: Core Concepts

  1. The Value Engine
  2. Managing Business Processes
  3. Business Process Maturity

Module 2: Operational Excellence

  1. Improving Tactical Results
  2. The Three Ms of Process Improvement
  3. Sustaining Excellence

Module 3: Sustaining and Leveraging Process Excellence

  1. Transformation
  2. Managing Across Silos
  3. Assessing your Organization’s Maturity

Six (6) ABPMP professional development hours.