Business Process Management (BPM) Certificate Series

“All of the instructors were great! This series has helped to give me direction and focus with where I would like to go career-wise. Thank you!”

Tanya Twincheck
Project Coordinator
L-3 Technologies

BPM Today

The business concept of “process” is not new. But in the twenty-first century, mastering “process” has become imperative for leaders in all sectors.

Why? Because the new challenge of process management is not only to achieve operational excellence (superior quality, speed, efficiency and customer satisfaction) but also to leverage unique process capabilities and distinctive customer experiences to achieve sustainable strategic success.

The combination of technical skills, people skills, political acumen, and strategic creativity needed to meet this challenge is not common. The Business Process Management Certificate Program is your first step toward developing these competencies that are so critical to the success of your organization.

Core Modules

These two-day seminars provide essential tools and skills to understand and analyze process performance, to improve or innovate process design as dictated by business conditions, and to deploy solutions so that superior performance is self-sustaining. Each module may be taken as a stand alone class or as part of the Certificate Program.

Process Mapping, Modeling and Analysis

Process Transformation

Implementing Performance Improvement and IT Upgrades

Elective and Web-Based Modules

These web-based modules provide foundational knowledge that rounds out the curriculum and provides fuller alignment with ABPMP standards.

Essentials of BPM

Essentials of Six Sigma – self-paced

Essentials of Lean – self-paced

Several universities offer variations of this certificate series as a non-credit open enrollment program. Click on a logo below to visit the program page for that institution.



ABPMP-International-Logo-rtpThe content in this program is consistent with the Association of Business Process Management Professionals’ Comprehensive Body of Knowledge. Completion of the series should enable you to pass the Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP) examination.