Strategic Planning: A Process-Oriented Approach

Leverage Process Excellence to Improve Your Profitability & Competitive Advantage

“Without doubt. . . .processes are the source of ‘firm-specific’ special competence that makes the competitive difference.”

-Peter G.W. Keen, The Process Edge

The “Quality Revolution” of the 1980’s, the “Reengineering Revolution” of the 1990’s and the Lean Six Sigma surge of the early 2000’s produced many notable success stories. Unfortunately, many of these companies were losing customers, market share and profits within a few months or years of their apparent triumphs. What went wrong? Peter Keen calls it the “Process Paradox.” A company’s business condition can falter even as it reduces costs and improves quality.

Help Your Company Realize The Real, Long-Term Benefits of Process Reengineering and Process Management

Some of the biggest losers of the Quality/Reengineering/Six Sigma movements aren’t the companies that failed. They are the companies that made dramatic operational improvements without impacting their competitive position or, worse, companies that created new capabilities that they failed to leverage for strategic advantage. To leverage process excellence your company must:

  1. Align process planning/management with strategic planning
  2. Build core processes into competitive strengths
  3. Develop strategies to capitalize on these competitive capabilities

By linking strategy and process, your company can convert operational process excellence into distinct strategic advantages that yield a lasting competitive edge. That’s where this important seminar comes in.

What You Will Learn

  • Quantify the two-way relationship between strategy and process performance
  • Create a strategic plan that leverages unique process capabilities (or core competencies) to successfully position your company in the market
  • Capitalize on process reengineering and process improvement successes to create a competitive advantage
  • Identify opportunities to increase market share and fulfill the corporate mission
  • Identify customer needs and performance gaps
  • Build capabilities that can be leveraged for strategic advantage
  • How to measure the performance of core processes
  • How to assess the impact of process performance on your bottom line
  • How to utilize hoshin planning techniques create operational plans that can be quickly converted into productive processes
  • How to align management systems to support strategic, cross-functional process performance
  • How to dramatically improve all measures of organizational success

Seminar Outline

I. Introduction

  • The traditional approach to strategy and process
  • Building a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s business environment
  • Strategy & Process: A two-way relationship

II. Building a Process-Focused Strategy

  • Process & Strategy
  • Your mission
  • Understanding the business environment
  • Identifying opportunities to increase market share and fulfill the corporate mission
  • Identifying core processes and strategic capabilities
  • Analyzing the impact of process excellence on strategy opportunities
  • Selecting a strategy that best capitalizes on your distinctive process capabilities and unique value chain

III. Implementing Strategy Through Process Management

  • Strategy & Process
  • Devising operational plans that will achieve strategic objectives
  • Catchball: Getting buy-in from operational leaders
  • Linking cross-functional process measures to strategic objectives
  • Gaining alignment and commitment
  • Executing strategy through process management

IV. Sustaining the Competitive Edge

  • Managing the process life cycle
  • Maintaining the link between process and strategy

Who Should Attend

  • Leader or key member of a Strategic Planning Team
  • Process Owner or Manager
  • President, Vice President, COO or senior executive
  • Director of Process Improvement or Reengineering
  • Manager who is actively involved in your organization’s process management and/or strategic planning efforts
The skills delivered in this seminar can be applied in manufacturing, service, utility, healthcare and public sector organizations.

We truly believe Strategic Planning: A Process-Oriented Approach will provide knowledge, skills and insights you can use to dramatically improve your organization’s short-term performance and long-term competitive position.

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