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Who We Are

Our team has walked a mile in your shoes. We are seasoned experts who solve problems and make you self-sufficient, not dependent.

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What We Do

Orion helps you make business processes your source of operational excellence, strategic differentiation and employee engagement.

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Our Clients

Spanning all industries and sizes, Orion’s 500+ clients are organizations that value excellence, participation and sustainable success.

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What is BPM?

Business Process Management is the most important discipline in business today. It is the glue that integrates strategy, IT and day-to-day operations.

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Your Roadmap

Sustainable success does not require a magic formula. Customize Orion’s time-tested roadmap to operational, cultural and strategic excellence.

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University Partners

University Partners

For more than 25 years, Orion and our partners have been spreading the “process gospel” via world class professional development programs.

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Webinars and e-Classes

Map it

Essentials of Process Mapping

Process Mapping is the foundation for every performance improvement and technology transformation project.

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Process waste

Eliminating NVA Activities

On average, 20%-30% of all business costs are attributable to non-value-added activities. Eliminate them!

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Essentials of Process Innovation

Key techniques to generate out-of-the-box solutions and to leverage them to deliver meaningful business results.

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In search of good data

Collecting the Right Data

Data Analytics, Part 1. Cutting-edge technology and brilliant data scientists are no match for the wrong data.

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Using Charts & Graphs

Data Analytics, Part 2. How to analyze data and to communicate important conclusions to decision makers.

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Data-driven decision making

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Data Analytics, Part 3. How to use stats, graphs and your buiness judgement to make the best decisions.

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Organize for change

Organizing for Change

Change Management, Part 1.  Lay the foundation for project success on Day 1 with a comprehensive plan.

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Unite and pull together

Gaining Buy-In

Change Management, Part 2. Turning great ideas into reality is the biggest challenge of improvement projects.

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Enabling results

Facilitating Change

Change Management, Part 3. Successful teams don’t just happen; they need the guidance of a trained Facilitator.

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Identifying and prioritizing customer needs

Identifying Customer Needs

“Value” is determined by the customer. Focus your business processes on the right outcomes by clarifying customer needs first.

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Understanding and managing process costs

Managing Process Costs

Processes create customer value and accumulate costs. Managing that balance is the key to smart pricing and profitability.

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Essentials of six sigma

Essentials of Six Sigma

Six Sigma delivers greater quality and customer value by controlling variation. Learn the basics of the DMAIC methodology.

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