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Why Orion?

If your organization needs process management consulting or training, consider your choices carefully. When faced with a major business challenge, some will spend more on a name-brand consulting firm to “play it safe.” Orion’s clients have achieved enduring “bang for the buck” because our approach, talent and values were the right fit for their organization, culture and project. Please take a moment to read about why Orion’s clients say we’re their ideal partner.

The capabilities and characteristics that make Orion an ideal partner are:

Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

Orion’s Facilitative Approach “teaches your team to fish” rather than making them hungry for more services. Let’s face it, the overwhelming majority of consulting firms are structured to provide as much staff and expertise as possible to build a solution for a given client. Orion is different. We believe the solutions for your business challenges must come from within. Our job is to supply skills, knowledge, coaching and project management as needed to help your organization achieve its goals. When we leave the solution you build is sustainable and can be sustained by internal experts.

Unrivaled Process Management Expertise

For more than 20 years, Orion Development Group has established itself as one of the elite business process management consulting firms. This expertise is recognized by universities from coast to coast; by foreign firms that seek process management certification and/or credibility; and by respected publishers. Indeed, even competing consulting firms have selected Orion to teach them process management. We have helped more than 500 clients execute projects of all sizes and trained more than 25,000 professionals. Our unsurpassed cross-industry process improvement experience is an asset you can bring to bear when designing creative business solutions.

America’s #1 Process Management Training Provider

In order to have your key staff members function as internal process experts after a project is complete, your team needs new skills. Orion is hands-down the best resource to deliver those skills. Each year Orion trains more managers in process mapping and related process management techniques than any other firm. More than 25,000 professionals and managers have completed our Process Mapping seminar in the last two decades. It is the de facto standard of the industry. The quality of our training is evidenced by the sponsorship of respected institutions from coast to coast.

Custom Solutions = The Right Fit for Your Organization

Orion Development Group rejects the notion of a one-size-fits-all solution. We believe each client has a unique combination of customers, suppliers, competencies, and culture. Therefore, our training and facilitation services must be adapted to fit the varied needs of your stakeholders. As a small firm, we easily adapt our methodologies and staffing plans to your realities. This saves time, money and delivers a better solution.

Not an Implementer of IT Solutions

Orion understands the enabling role of technology and is familiar with the types of systems organizations employ. However, we have no stake in which technologies are selected and are neither biased by nor stand to profit from the implementation of any technology.


We suspect every firm has talented team members and that some of those firms will state that their people are their best asset. We don’t doubt them. However, ‘good’ and ‘very good’ are not sufficient. Orion brings a great team to the table. Unencumbered by geography, Orion has built a nationwide network of instructors, advisors, and experts who have proven they can get the job done in the real world and have taught/guided other professionals in successful organization improvement efforts. We have no “junior” partners, no straight-out-of-school MBA graduates. Business leaders want and need to be guided by the “voice of experience.” Experience and a track record of accomplishment are two of Orion’s greatest assets. Please review the biographies on Orion’s Our Team page.


Finally, we invite you to ask our clients and university partners about Orion’s values. We take pride in bringing these values to all of our relationships and exhibiting them in our work:

  1. Always add value
  2. Demand excellence of yourself
  3. Walk in the customer’s shoes
  4. Choose what is right, not what’s expedient
  5. Trust and be trustworthy
  6. Shoot for win-win in all relationships
  7. Take the high road
  8. Be flexible – Make the most of people’s capabilities
These values help us get the job done for your organization. As importantly, they are the reason leaders, professionals and staff enjoy open, productive relationships with the Orion team.

Explore our Consulting and Training services, then call Orion. Let’s work together to chart your success!

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