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Joseph Cirafesi

Joe CirafesiJoseph Cirafesi is a Process Management consultant and instructor for Orion Development Group. Prior to joining Orion, Mr. Cirafesi spent more than 20 years at Air Products and Chemicals where he helped the company evolve to an internationally recognized benchmark for excellence in cross-functional process management.

Mr. Cirafesi teaches seminars for Orion’s corporate clients and university partners, including Process Mapping, Emerging Role of the Process Manager and Process Value Analysis. His extensive experience from Air Products enables Mr. Cirafesi¬†to leverage first-hand knowledge of unparalleled process management success in the classroom.

I worked with Joe on a continuous improvement team that executed several projects. He is a very effective facilitator, process coach, and leader. I highly recommend him and his abilities.
-Air Products

Joseph is an exceptional relationship builder able to work across companies, up to and including executive managers, vendors, and R&D teams.
-Electro-Mechanical Group

As a Human Resources Manager, Mr. Cirafesi helped lead major changes to the organizational structure and leadership teams from 1995 to 1997. As a Business Manager/Process Owner, Mr. Cirafesi was responsible for the ongoing management of the product development, innovation, bidding, customer engagement, engineering construction and start-up work processes. As a European Region Director, Mr. Cirafesi organized training and application of continuous improvement tools in 11 countries. These efforts improved profitability by 5% to 20% in various units.

Mr. Cirafesi is a Certified Management Accountant who received his BA in genetics from Cornell University and an MBA from the Smeal College of Business at Penn State.

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