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For More than 20 years, the Orion Developmental Group has been the undisputed authority in helping companies realize their goals toward long-term success via process excellence.

We are proud to share via free download, our most sought-after articles that guide users through the cycles of:
Strategy , Process , Change and Success



[download id=”3085″ template=”The Four Waves of Process Management”]

Four Waves of Process Management by Paul King

Find out how Paul King describes how in the twenty-first century, “process” has become a revolutionary concept capable of transforming the ways a company achieves and sustains competitive advantage.

Leveraging Processes for Strategic Advantage by Ralph Smith

Did you know that nearly every organization has at least one (perhaps two), processes that could (and should be) tabbed for strategic improvements? Discover how Ralph Smith outlines to use processes as key strategic drivers, and much more.


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