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What is the Pool Temperature?

The difference between your internal specifications and customer expectations…

Work it Out!

How did you treat your customer during the pandemic shut down?

Scan and Go, Go, Go

What have you done lately to eradicate your customers’ hurdles?

Virtual Facilitation – Art vs. Science

Virtual facilitation can only be successful if you are prepared with both the art and the science.

Please Don’t Leave Me (Tissue) Flowers Anymore

Customer experience is increasingly on the minds of organizations everywhere. Here are a couple of key do-and-don’t tips…

What Happens When Your Process Fails?

No matter how good your process is, it’s highly unlikely it will never have a failure. What happens when that failure occurs? …

Self-Service and the Customer Experience

Self-sourcing, or pushing process steps to the customer, can appeal to the customer and reduce your costs. However, that strategy must not result in a degradation of the customer experience…

Lessons Learned from our Childhood

A project management best practice is to perform a “lessons learned” or Agile “retrospective.” I recently participated in a client’s retrospective…