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Beware the Close Talker

Close talking isn’t a crime but it turns out…

When the Silver Bullet Fails

An ineffective IT silver bullet may not cost you your life, but…

The Perfect Storm… In a Good Way

Have you ever wondered what’s possible with the perfect business team?

Lessons From 2020

2020 is not over yet but it’s not too early to evaluate what has happened so that we can plan appropriate steps in the new year…

Time to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is a good time to remember all our blessings…

Process Mapping Tip #9 – Validate and Socialize

How can you get a “100% accurate” process map AND buy-in for process change?

Riding this Wave

Are you ready for the big one? The COVID curve portends challenges in Q1 and Q2, To prepare, your organization must…

Process Mapping Tip #4 – Look Before You Leap!

As a young programmer, I thought process mapping a nuisance. WRONG!