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IT, Process Mapping and Change Management

Over 30 years at Orion, I’ve seen many IT projects. Here are the two most misguided examples of expert advice.

Six Opportunities to Look for During Process Documentation

Getting from Point A to B in business is usually more circuitous than a straight line. Here are 6 things to look for during process documentation.

Process Doc Opportunity #6: Bad Inputs

Process mapping should not create more efficient “garage in, garbage out.”

Process Doc Opportunity #5: Handoff Issues

Handoff problems in business often go unnoticed by management

Process Doc Opportunity #4: Fixing Unbalanced Work

Lucy in the Chocolate Factory is a funny video and a great lesson in process management!

Process Doc Opportunity #3: Parallel vs. Sequential Processing

In business, the goal is to deliver value to your customers as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Sequential processing is bad for both business outcomes.

Process Doc Opportunity #2: Customer Variation

Customer Variation: When special exceptions become the norm and weigh down performance.

Process Doc Opportunity #1: People Variation

When different people execute the “same” process in different ways, consistency and performance suffer.