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The Value of Stupidity

When non-experts unlock the magic process improvement answer.

“Will You Be Coming Back to Our Island?”

What happens when customer experience is impacted by things outside your control?

The Smoothie Problem

How do you know which improvement ideas worked?

…An Even Bigger Boat

What a difference a week makes! COVID spikes across the USA and Europe portend…

“You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat”

As we enter our 8th month of dealing with COVID-19, we’re still trying to figure out how big this shark really is…

Entering a New ERA

Question: What can drive change faster than new technology?

“Stepping” Up to the Plate

The staircase diagram is a great tool to eliminate and consolidate major processes before automation…

Does Political Opinion Trump Data???

How is the United States really doing with regard to COVID-19? Instead of politically biased opinions…