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No Room at the Inn… or IS There?

When stratification can help you find the answer hiding in your data.

Process Doc Opportunity #2: Customer Variation

Customer Variation: When special exceptions become the norm and weigh down performance.

Process Doc Opportunity #1: People Variation

When different people execute the “same” process in different ways, consistency and performance suffer.

Preview: Six Opportunities to Look for During Process Documentation

Getting from Point A to B in business is usually more circuitous than a straight line. Here are six things to look for during process documentation.

8 Knowledge Retention Strategies: Capture and Transfer Knowledge in the Workplace

It’s more important than ever to capture knowledge within your organization. Whether it’s data or best practices…

The Most Common Business Blind Spots & How to Overcome Them

Business blind spots are areas of operations that a business may not fully understand but could negatively impact their operations…

Harnessing the Potential of Business Enterprise Mapping for Your Company

Business enterprise mapping is an invaluable tool for executives who want to unlock new levels of efficiency…

Silo Busting: 7 Stupidly Simple Ways to Burst Silos in Your Organization

Most companies have “silos” but without cross-collaboration, silos lead to inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and lack of innovation.