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Get Rid of Yesterday’s Processes

Redesigning Your Process Blueprint — Virtually 

The way you did business in 2019 won’t work in 2021. Many of your tried-and-true business processes are no longer relevant. Before you invest in improvement or automation, let Orion help you build a new blueprint that identifies which processes need to be:

  • Eliminated
  • Redesigned
  • Automated

Don’t Automate What You Don’t Need

Orion’s Staircase Model® will help you assess which processes are essential to your future, which need to be streamlined, and which should be retired. In a few short weeks, Orion will facilitate a strategic initiative that delivers:

  • New enterprise model (process blueprint) with cross-functional value chains
  • Completed staircase diagram, including list of process targeted for elimination
  • Prioritized list of processes that need to be redesigned
  • Prioritized list of processes that are candidates for automation or digital transformation
  • Expert assistance optimizing or transforming your processes of tomorrow

Don’t invest more resources in last year’s processes. Build a new model that will serve your customers well into the future and make your IT investments both less expensive and more impactful.  Contact us today.

Robert Boehringer – SVP, BPM Services

Over the past 30 years, Bob Boehringer has been one of the leading thinkers, teachers and practitioners of business process management.

Having grown up in a family business, Mr. Boehringer has a natural ability to understand –at a systemic level– the workings of almost any business process.  His ability to share that understanding makes him an incredibly effective business consultant who will “teach you to fish” rather than simply solve your problem. 

Mr. Boehringer is an author, teacher, coach, and mentor to process improvement professionals across the globe.

Trust Orion

For more than 25 years, Orion has helped clients rethink cross-functional value chains and build process models that deliver long-term operational excellence.  Now is the time to reinvent your business process model. Leverage our unparalleled experience. 

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Let’s brainstorm your path forward.  Call Margaret Powers at +1 (718) 474-4600 or email her at  Or get the conversation started via the form below. Together, we can do great things.



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