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Discovering Invisible Opportunities with Lean Public Sector

Throughout the 21st Century the challenge of “Doing More With Less” has been daunting for local government agencies. On one hand, more citizens than ever need services. On the other, declining tax revenue and dwindling Federal support mean across the board budget cuts for many.  Something has to give. Services? Staff? There is a better way.

On average, 30% of all service process costs are attributable to non-value-added activities. These may include outdated procedures, unnecessary inspections, services the citizen doesn’t want and many other sources of lost productivity.  Lean management is a proven approach to increasing efficiency, enabling you to serve more citizens with fewer resources. Based on the real-world success in the State of Iowa and the State of Ohio, Orion has developed a realistic approach to process improvement that fits perfectly with the mission of and environment in the public sector.
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