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Public Pension / Retirement Systems

Some of Orion’s greatest successes have come in partnership with public retirement system leaders. We are proud of the organization-wide improvement Ohio PERS and Michigan ORS have achieved; we are also pleased to have helped agencies establish sustainable operational excellence via training and coaching. Together we have built solutions that enable their organizations to:

  • Serve more retirees with the same or fewer resources
  • Improve coordination across organizational and IT silos
  • Maximize the financial and member service impact of IT investments
  • Adjust cultures that over-serve individual members at the expense of the whole
  • Protect the organization from retirement “brain drain”
  • Achieve BPM self-sufficiency by training internal experts
  • Develop effective self-service solutions
Announcing the new Lean Six Sigma Certificate for Public Pension Professionals.

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Satisfied client include:

Our Services Include:

Lean Pension

Lean Management is a time-tested approach to:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Make your operations more efficient
  • Deliver more value to members and employers
  • Foster continuous change

Our Lean leader, Steve Wall, is a nationally renowned expert who spent 25 years in the public sector leading quality and process improvement initiatives prior to joining our team.  He has supported continuous improvement efforts at MainePERS and ERFC in Virginia.

Process Reengineering (Prior to IT Upgrades)

IT is the backbone of most pension system operations. A high percentage of expensive upgrades and new system introductions fail to deliver their potential due to inadequate process redesign. Orion is the best resource to help you get IT right the first time.

Member Experience Journey Mapping

Journey maps provide the critical outside-in view of your organization that should inform improvement efforts for every value-creating business process. They are an essential tool to deploy effective member self-service. Let our experts facilitate the sessions and jumpstart your journey toward a member-centric organization.

Enterprise Process Management

Cross-functional cooperation is essential to make process excellence sustainable. Orion is a globally recognized thought leader in process-focuses management practices.

Digitization of Business Processes

Most organizations that redesign processes put the documentation on the shelf after implementation. Orion can help you convert process maps into living documents for knowledge retention and ongoing BPM.

Training (Process, Project, Business Analysis)

Working in conjunction with respected institutions across the United States (e.g. Michigan State University, George Mason University, etc.) Orion offers both individual skill seminars and professional development certificate programs.

Change Management

Creating an elegant business process or IT solution is half the challenge. Getting it successfully deployed requires project management and culture change expertise. Orion can provide third party experts to assure successful implementation.


Orion measures our success by the sustainable business results achieved by clients like:


Assignment: Review and streamline existing processes ahead of a major IT upgrade and automation project. Results: This project provided the foundation and business focus for the IT implementation that followed.  It also generated significant benefits in its own right, namely:

  • Capacity gains of 70.5 FTEs
  • 42% reduction in operational processes
  • Optimization of core process groups from 26 to 8
Michigan ORS

Assignment: Perform a comprehensive review of existing processes, including review of organization structure, performance management and IT systems. Results: This project was launched in anticipation of a significant increase in customers. Due to unexpected changes in the economy, the increase in customers was mild but ORS’ workforce was allowed to shrink by 30%. Thanks to the new process designs and governance, ORS was able to handle more customers with less staff. Simultaneously, customer satisfaction increased markedly thanks to operational improvements.  For the full story, click here.

Delaware Pensions

Through training and facilitation of pilot projects, Orion helped the Delaware Office of Pensions launch a continuous improvement initiative.



Indiana PRS

Assignment: Define and introduce a complete Quality Management System (QMS) to assure well-integrated Lean and Cross-Functional Procedures. Results: Indiana PRS used three pilot projects to develop an internal Center of Excellence and generate full ROI for the effort.  The new QMS enabled “INPRS best” performance levels –including an all-time low “error rate” in Operations– and more aggressive performance targets.

Maine PERS

Assignment: Use a participative methodology to create a Lean/reengineering mindset and skill set throughout the organization. Results: Multiple Kaizen events have drawn team members into a continuous improvement mindset and delivered significant financial and member service benefits.

BPM Community of Practice

The goals of the Public Pension BPM Community of Practice are:

  • Provide information on emerging BPM/IT trends
  • Share success stories and lessons learned
  • Create a network of peers to solve common problems/business challenges
  • Compare best practices for process improvement/management
  • Participate in mini professional development events

The Community is open to public pension system employees only.  It meets bi-monthly for a one-hour web meeting.  The topic for each meeting is selected by our members.  Orion provides a 10- to 20-minute educational presentation on that topic.  The remainder of the time is dedicated to sharing experiences, challenges, and solutions among peers.

The Public Pension BPM Community of Practice got off to a great start in June.  In addition to our first web meeting with a focus on managing exceptions, the Community received free access to a best practices webinar and started a LinkedIn Group.

The next BPM CoP virtual meeting will be on October 7, 2019 at 3:00 pm EDT is: Strategies for Maintaining BPM Documentation

For more information or to join, call Paul King or Margaret Powers at (800) 510-2117 or complete this form:


Let Orion help you overcome today’s public retirement system challenges.
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