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Across the nation, these are the most challenging times for State and Local government leaders in a generation. Government agencies must serve more citizens in greater need with fewer financial resources. Orion can help you:

  • Increase Capacity – Literally, do more with less
  • Transform the Citizen – Customer Experience
  • Lower the Cost of Operations
  • Improve Service by Shortening Cycle Time
  • Develop New Strategic Plans
  • Manage Strategy with the Balanced Scorecard
  • Realize the Full Potential of IT Investments

Performance Transformation for City, County, and State Agencies

Public Sector Strategy and Scorecard Deployment

A clear roadmap and strategic performance metrics are critical to keeping day-to-day operations focused on the big picture as political winds swirl. Orion’s unique approach to Strategy Map and Scorecard development provides your leaders with practical tools for strategy execution.

Business Process Improvement and LeanCounty

While all government agencies are under pressure to do more with less, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for process optimization. Orion will help you craft and execute a process improvement or Lean strategy that is the best fit for your organization.

Kaizen Event Facilitation

A Kaizen event is the sledgehammer of Lean. It gets the right people in one room for one week to resolve an urgent challenge. Orion’s expert facilitation will make sure you have set the stage for success, can work past political challenges, and produce an executable implementation plan.

Citizen-Focused Service Transformation Development

The “customer expectations” of citizens have changed drastically. Leveraging lessons from service leaders like Disney and Amazon, Orion will help you envision new modes of service delivery.

Requirements and RFP Development for IT Projects

Information technology is the largest non-personnel investment for most agencies. Orion can help you assure the greatest ROI and positive operational impact by helping you define design the right solution to the right problem.
Orion’s Public Sector strategies to minimize waste and maximize value have been effective at achieving results in governments across the U.S. Part of our success is due to education. We teach Lean so your staff becomes self-sufficient. The following modules from Orion’s curriculum are also available as professional development seminars, sponsored by respected universities:

Developing Your Public Sector Balanced Scorecard

How to Clarify, Deploy and Manage Strategy in the Public Sector

Mapping and Deploying Strategy in the Public Sector

How to Align Initiatives Toward the Common Vision

Process Improvement in the Public Sector

How to Deliver More Services with Less Budget

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Applying Lean and Six Sigma methodologies in the Public Sector

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Process Improvement Skills for Government Team Members

Lean isn’t just about “less costs.”

It’s about More… More employee participation, More speed of service, More citizen satisfaction

We invite you to take a moment to watch Steve Wall, founder of LeanOhio, explain why Lean transforms culture in the public sector and fosters sustainable change.

Lean Changes Your Culture

How Kaizens Foster Change Management

Steve Wall is the Public Sector Performance Improvement Practice Leader for Orion Development Group.  He has more than 25 years of experience leading major improvement efforts for public sector agencies from the inside.

Mr. Wall was appointed to develop and manage state-wide efforts by five Governors in two states representing both parties. He served on two Governor’s Cabinets and worked with thousands of people at all levels of state government in directing programs that saved taxpayers over $700 million.  Mr. Wall was the founding director of Lean Ohio, which during eight years has implemented several hundred improvements, including over 100 week-long Kaizen events. These teams averaged more than a 50% reduction in both complexities (process steps) and process time. In numerous cases, time to get services dropped from months to days.

To review Mr. Wall’s complete biography, click here.

More about Steve Wall and his history with Orion:

Let Orion help you overcome today’s public sector management challenges.

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