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Knowledge Retention 

Capture the experience of your long-service team members

The upheaval of COVID-19 is hastening Baby Boomer retirements while physical separation is impeding knowledge transfer. Profound understanding of your customers and processes should be shared, managed and leveraged as an asset.

How can you capture this critical knowledge before it is lost forever?  Orion can help.

Capture and Share Business Wisdom

Orion will help you turn the threat of critical knowledge loss into an opportunity to build a knowledge-sharing culture. Working virtually, we can help you:

  1. Identify areas of risk for critical knowledge loss
  2. Map workflow and identify steps that require “deep smarts”
  3. Interview experienced SMEs to capture business wisdom
  4. Augment process documentation with knowledge and artifacts
  5. Define a system to maintain and share knowledge on an ongoing basis

Don’t let lockdowns and retirements sap your organization of its brainpower.  Trust Orion to help you overcome today’s challenge and create a knowledge-driven future.  Contact us today.

Paul King – Founding Partner

Paul King has dedicated the last three decades of his career to helping companies leverage their business processes to achieve dramatic, sustainable success. Orion remains dedicated to this mission.

Mr. King understands a process enterprise is only successful if it can tap the brains of all employees, from the C-suite to the front line. He has worked with international partners to develop methods to capture, share and enhance critical business knowledge by using the process map as a backbone.

Trust Orion

Since 1993, Orion has viewed BPM as a holistic solution. Rather than chase popular fads, we integrate the best new ideas into our tool kit.  We understand that knowledge retention is not a stand alone solution.  That is why we can help you not only defend against “brain drain” but also help you establish a knowledge sharing culture.

Contact Us

Let’s brainstorm your path forward.  Call Margaret Powers at +1 (718) 474-4600 or email her at  Or get the conversation started via the form below. Together, we can do great things.



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To learn more about Orion’s full range of mapping & improvement services, visit our Process Mapping page.

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