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Virtual Teams

How to Ensure High Involvement and Peak Performance

Training and consulting services for leaders, facilitators and team members

In today’s “wired” world, long-distance collaboration is more critical than ever.  Learn how to:

Orion first delivered training for Virtual Teams in 2000.  We can craft custom training for your leaders, facilitators and team members.  Potential topics include:

  1. Introduction to Virtual Work
  2. Managing Multiple Virtual Teams
  3. Escaping “Zoom Hell”: How to succeed in a world of virtual meetings
  4. Leading a Virtual Team
  5. Overcoming the Problems and Pitfalls of Virtual Teams
  6. Performance Management and Measurement
  7. Work-Life Balance: Managing time when home is now the office
  8. Maintaining Relationships and Career Visibility

Act now! Call Orion (800-510-2117) today to arrange a customized virtual workshop or submit a question below.

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