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Emerging Business Process Career Paths

The Process Manager is back!  As organizations shift their focus from localized cost savings to cross-functional excellence, new Process roles are emerging (or re-emerging)…the Process Manager, Process Owner, Process Architect, Business Systems/Process Analyst, and BPO.  Why?  Because the business process is a critical asset that enables effective shared services, enterprise process management, strategy deployment and performance optimization across silos.  This webinar will leverage a recent Best Practices in BPM survey to explore the emerging roles organizations are using to manage business processes.  It will show you how the UNCC Business Process Management Certificate can help you succeed in this new paradigm.
  •      Results from a cross-industry BPM survey
  •      New (and old) BPM roles in use
  •      New skills needed by Process professionals
  •      UNCC Certificate Program curriculum
  •      Alignment with ABPMP certification

To register for this free webinar, click here.  Contact Kim Jones-McKnight at (800) 510-2117 for additional information.

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