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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program Outline

Three two-day sessions with facilitated project work during and between sessions.

Session One

Lean Six Sigma principles, project selection, complete the “Define” and “Measure” phases, and start the “Analyze” phase of DMAIC.

Day 1

I. Introduction and Expectations

II. Process Improvement Examples

III. Overview of Problem Solving and Process Improvement Strategies

IV. Selecting and Supporting Successful Improvement Projects

V. Making the Invisible Visible

VI. Begin Classroom Case Study

End of Day 1

Day 2

I. Create “Define” tools

II. Identify the 8 Common Causes of Waste

III.  Identify Non Value-added Activities

IV. Customer Focus

V. Data-Based Decision Making

VII.  Complete Selection of Individual Green Belt Projects

VIII. Developing Data Collection Plans

End of Day 2


Session Two

Finish learning “Analyze” on baseline data collected. Learn “Improve” and “Control” phases of the DMAIC process.  Review progress and work on project

Day 3

I. Tool Time Teach-backs

II. Continue Development of Individual Green Belt Projects

III.  Continue Class Room Case Study

IV. Poka Yoke

V. Continue Design of Individual Green Belt Projects

End of Day 3

Day 4

I. Review Progress Of Lean Belt Projects

II. Change Management

III.   Implementation Strategies

IV. Visual Management and Score Cards

V. 5S + Safety

VI. Complete Class Room Case Study

VII. Classroom time for Individual Green Belt Project Work

VIII.  Homework and Project Completion Assignments

End of Day 4


Session Three

Learn how to facilitate other people’s projects, drive change, and incorporate Lean into culture.  Time to fine tune project presentations and feedback.

Day 5

I. Facilitating Projects that are not your own

II. Facilitating other people’s projects Case Study

III. Creating a Lean Culture

IV. Classroom time to finalize project presentation

End of Day 5

Day 6

I. Green Belt Project Presentations:

II. Awarding of Green Belts when criteria completed

End of Day 6

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