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8 Keys To Winning With Lean in State and Local Government

Proven Approaches That Will Work in Your City, Town, County or State Agency

A Two-Hour Leadership Briefing in Boston, Massachusetts

Lean isn’t just about “less costs.” It’s about “More.”

More simplicity, greater speed of service, more capacity, higher levels of customer satisfaction…and, of course, less operational costs. Many public sector agencies have struggled by focusing on the latter first.  Learn how the State of Ohio adapted Lean to their public sector environment with great success – and how that success is carrying over to towns and counties across the State.

Join us for a two-hour leadership briefing on Thursday August 13 from 10:00 a.m. to noon.  The briefing will be led by Steve Wall, a nationally recognized expert on process improvement in government. Steve is an insider – a career-long public servant who served on two Governor’s Cabinets and worked with thousands of people at all levels of state government in directing programs that saved taxpayers over $700 million

The cost for the briefing is $99 per person. Click here to register.  Or call Orion at (800) 510-2117.

  • See step-by-step how hundreds of government teams have reduced complexity and process steps by almost 60%, and reduced the time to meet customer needs by over 50%
  • Learn how to select, scope and support Lean improvement projects that will save millions of dollars
  • Identify activities that don’t add value and redirect hundreds of staff hours to more mission-critical efforts
  • Understand the keys to designing a Lean event that not only makes your organization simpler, faster, better and less costly – but also energizes the workforce
  • Understand why Lean strategies to identify and remove waste have been more effective at achieving results in governments across the U.S. than other quality improvement efforts
  • See how one state’s Lean initiative achieved a greater than 40:1 return on investment over 6 years
  • Understand the 8 keys to applying Lean Six Sigma in a public sector environment
  • Identify opportunities in your organization
Briefing Agenda:
  1. Basic Principles and Terms of Lean
  2. Lean Manufacturing vs. Lean in Service and Government Organizations
  3. Examples and Best Practices from the Public Sector
  4. Making the Invisible Visible
  5. Fixing Processes vs. Fixing Blame
  6. General Steps for Implementing Lean (and/or Six Sigma)
  7. Using the Four Voices to Determine Improvement Opportunities
  8. Keys to a Successful Kaizen Event/Lean Improvement Project
  9. Additional Tools and Principles
  10. Changing the Culture
  11. What to Do When You Get Back to the Office
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