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Monetizing Customer Experience (CX)

So, I often talk about the financial benefits of delivering an awesome customer experience. Let me show you exactly how this works.

Last weekend, I went shopping for a new kayak. I had heard about store #1 and thought I’d see what they had to offer. There was only one person working in the store and completely passed us by for the next party. When we did get help, it was the shortest possible answers to our questions and no effort to try and understand our needs. Exit, stage left.

We first went to store #2 last year when they hosted a “yard sale”, encouraging kayakers to come and sell and shop their outdoor wares. We didn’t buy anything then, but remembered and came to their store. Service was personalized targeted. We did not buy 1 kayak; we bought 2. When friends of ours saw our post on Facebook, they also went to the store and bought a kayak.

To recap, Store 1 – 0 kayaks bought. Store 2 – 3 kayaks bought, with no extra acquisition cost. And they got our business initially for the cost of a couple of hot dogs a year ago. Customer experience pays!

–Mandy Dietz

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