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Not All Classrooms Have Four Walls

Blog Series – Unexpected Sources of Business Education

“You can learn everywhere and from everything”Leonardo da Vinci

One of the keys to learning is keeping your eyes and ears open. My experience is that the best lessons don’t always come from a white paper or a textbook or a seminar — I see things in everyday life that strike me as fantastic and memorable applications of important business principles.

This blog series is about the necessary ingredients to modern day, post-pandemic business success: communication, employee engagement, customer experience, process efficiency, and long-term vision. You can google any one of those topics and identify hundreds of articles written by renowned scholars that will tell you everything you need to know. (And some of them might even keep you awake!) What differentiates this series is that the lessons learned will hopefully be more memorable because they come from unlikely places. In fact, your “faculty” for the series will consist of:

Hope you enjoy!

Ralph Smith

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