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Please Don’t Leave Me (Tissue) Flowers Anymore

Customer experience is increasingly on the minds of organizations everywhere.

As customers, we see every day how they prioritize the customer experience. Based on experiences I encountered over the last couple of days, here are a couple of key do-and-don’t tips:

  1. DO: Treat your customers like they are the reason you have a job, not an inconvenience. I waited at the drink counter until the person behind the bar looked up from her phone to help me. Rather than apologizing for the delay in acknowledging me and striving to meet my needs, she stared at me with the “now what do you want” look and waited for me to start the conversation.
  2. DO: Show gratitude for the business. I have rented cars from one agency for years and have had average to poor experiences. Beyond that, I’ve never felt appreciated or special, just the next rental on the docket. This week, I rented from a different agency. The FIRST thing the agent said was, “I really appreciate you choosing our company.” He included his card with the rental agreement and reached out the next day to ensure the car was working well.
  3. DON’T: Waste money and resources on things that don’t matter to your customers. Hotels pride themselves on trying to make your stay feel like home. In my home, we don’t waste three tissues on the top of every box to make a tissue flower, yet that is what I found in my last three hotel rooms. Save the tissues, save the staff time.

To paraphrase Barbara Streisand, “Please don’t leave me flowers, anymore.”

Mandy Dietz

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