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PRISM 2021

In 2019, it was a wild ride in Indianapolis.  Unfortunately, 2020 was a wild ride of a different sort.  Orion missed seeing you in Atlanta but looks forward to seeing you in Arizona.

Pension system upgrades are inextricably tied to your business processes. Don’t let your IT vendor just “check the box” when it comes to BPM. Comprehensive process analysis and change management delivers:

  • Accurate business requirements
  • Simpler technology solutions
  • Lean Pension operations
  • On-time implementations
  • Better business results

…and much greater buy-in from your business users. Let Orion help you design and implement solutions that last.

Bob Boehringer: Benefits of getting business processes and process inputs right.

Member Experience

How should we digitalize our system?

Orion says: First take a strategic look at operations, analyze how you add value for your members and then innovate a solution tailored to your system and your members.

Learn from the best!  Orion’s Disrupting/Transforming the Member Experience service line and seminars were co-developed with the former VP of IT for Disney who led the implementation of Disney’s MagicBand program. Orion can help you bring magic to your member experience.

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Sustaining Operational Excellence

Question: What do you do with your process maps once the implementation is done?

For decades, Orion has searched for a solution to make process maps into living documents that support a process improvement culture throughout the employee lifecycle. Such a solution would sustain operational excellence and protect your organization for retirement “brain drain.”

We found the solution and are pleased to announce our partnership with Promapp! Promapp is a cloud-based process management software for creating and storing business processes online. It’s easy to use, and being a fully web-based tool, process changes are performed and approved online, in the cloud.

Click here to schedule a demonstration at PRISM.

Lean Pension

Lean Management is a time-tested approach to:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Make your operations more efficient
  • Deliver more value to members and employers
  • Foster continuous change

Our Lean leader, Steve Wall, is a nationally renowned expert who spent 25 years in the public sector leading quality and process improvement initiatives prior to joining our team.  He has supported continuous improvement efforts at MainePERS and ERFC in Virginia.

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta at PRISM 2020.

To arrange for a private consultation or Promapp demonstration, contact Margaret Powers ( or call Orion Development Group today at (800) 510-2117.

Check out Orion’s Public Pension Services page.

Mandy Dietz on Member Experience.

Bob Boehringer on the long-term benefit on making the right BPM decisions.

Steve Wall on why Lean/Kaizen delivers culture change, not just performance improvement.

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