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Why Process?

The business concept of “process” is not new. But in the twenty-first century, “process” has become a revolutionary concept capable of transforming the ways a company achieves and sustains competitive advantage.

It is inarguable that process management (Six Sigma, Lean, reengineering, etc) has helped industry save billions in operating cost and improve short-term sales by raising levels of quality and customer satisfaction. But a much larger return can be realized if a company also leverages process excellence to select the right markets to compete in, to build sustainable competitive advantage, and to achieve sales growth in both traditional and non-traditional customer bases. Making that leap is the new promise of process management.

Business Process Management is the foundation your organization needs to succeed on mission-critical initiatives including:

Firms like Duke Energy, Michigan ORS, UPS, and Disney have proven that leveraging unique process capabilities yields the enduring strategic success that has eluded companies that utilized BPM to pursue operational excellence or automation only. Learn from their success.

Let Orion partner with you to create process excellence at your organization…and to leverage that excellence to redefine how you select markets, define competitive/strategic positions, transform culture and fulfill your mission and vision. Visit our Process Management Training Page today.

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