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In addition to serving the general business audience with our stable of public seminars, Orion Development Group has six targeted service lines that are designed to help individual companies on their journey toward sustainable success via process excellence. These service lines leverage our “Four Waves of Process Management” expertise to provide the appropriate level of training and consulting support to achieve desired results. Our service lines include:

Each of these service lines will have a well-defined methodology that includes assessment, design, education, facilitation and other support elements.

Performance Improvement

The business process has been at the heart of every major performance improvement initiative (TQM, Six Sigma, Reengineering, Lean) over the last 30 years. Collectively these process improvement methodologies forma a toolkit for your organization to choose from. Rather than convince you a preconceived methodology is a perfect fit for your organization, Orion will work with your team to pick and apply the right tools and sustainable techniques for your culture, strategy and business needs.

Core Process & Organization Redesign

Enterprise business processes are the end to-end, cross-functional processes that create and ultimately deliver value to your customer. Managing these processes is critical to organizational success. Process improvement initiatives generally deliver short-term benefits. However, operational excellence cannot be sustained unless all management structures and systems are aligned to support business process performance. The walls (silos, fiefdoms) of modern organizations make it very difficult for cross-functional process change to endure and flourish.  Orion will help your organization make process excellence a sustainable asset by assessing and, as needed, redesigning organization structures, governance models, performance measurement systems, competency models and data strategies.

IT/ERP Optimization

Time and again, information technology has proven to be the great enabler of process innovation. However, the failure rate for major IT upgrades and ERP implementations remains alarmingly (and expensively) high. Orion will help your organization get it right the first time by using process analysis and business analysis to enable an optimal and effective IT implementation. Or, if your IT implementation is already complete, we will help your team quickly close performance gaps caused by IT-process misalignment.

Strategy: Planning & Execution

Processes should, of course, be a function of strategy. However effective strategy should also be a function of process capability. If your company can perform core processes in ways that deliver more value at less cost, then you have a competitive advantage that is extremely hard to copy because it is rooted in the fabric of your organization. Unfortunately, most firms fail to recognize existing or potential strategic process assets during strategic planning. Orion’s unique process-leveraging techniques will enable your leaders to devise innovative and distinctive competitive strategies. We can also leverage our project management and Balanced Scorecard expertise to assure successful strategy execution.

Measurement & Analytics

The amount of data available to businesses and government agencies is expanding every day. Some of it has great potential for insight; most of it is noise. The challenge is how to transform the right data into meaningful action. Orion will help you create an analytics strategy based on your business needs and to create data-based decision models that are relevant, valid and easy to use.

Executive & Emerging Leader Coaching

It’s lonely at the top, especially when you need an objective voice to help you plan the path ahead. Emerging leaders also can have trouble finding guidance as they prepare to take the next step in their careers.  Orion’s coaches all have at least 20 years of experience to loan your current and emerging leaders. Our coaching packages including regularly scheduled remote conversations and more aggressive interventions.
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