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‘Twas the Night Before Process

by Robert D. Boehringer

(Read at the Process-Focused Organization Conference, Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI)

‘Twas the night before Process, and all through the land,
No corporation was safe from what was about to begin.

All the process managers were asleep in their beds,
Their process maps were hung neatly by their heads.

Be it Continuous Improvement or Re-engineering instead,
We have to do something the consultants have said.

We were going to be Customer-Focused once for and all,
Tell your troops it is time and the ax might begin to fall.

Let’s start with outcomes, that’s the trick,
We’ll see if our process is truly sick.

Are the customers satisfied with what we do,
Or is it they just have no one else to choose.

If the failure we have is by design,
Nothing we can ever do would make it fine.

Customer dis-satisfaction would always be,
A routine, predictable failure you see.

Our only choice would be to punt,
And if we didn’t we’d surely be sunk!

It is clear our customers really don’t care,
As long as we give them quality, speed and price that’s fair.

But what if design is not the key,
Our processes could work if we set them free.

Organizational structure seems to get in the way,
Due to silos, handoffs and accountabilities that are gray.

Let’s take a look at what our suppliers feed,
To the process front end, and then we’ll see.

Maybe our inputs indeed need to change,
But management will think we’re all insane.

Polarized responses we often hear from above . . .

“We’ve always done it that way,
I don’t see what’s possibly wrong”

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