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Making It Easy for Customers to Do Business With You

happy customersSam’s Club, Costco and BJ’s…..why do we shop there?  The number one reason is their prices are lower than other retailers.  Over the years, I have been a customer of each of these companies.

While I loved benefiting from the lower prices, I always dreaded going because I, with my handful of items, would invariably get stuck behind multiple carts that were piled high and wait “forever” to go through one of the few open checkout lines.

Over the last couple of years, each of them has rolled out self-checkout.  That enabled the companies to open more checkout lines and, therefore, speed up the process incrementally.

I recently experienced the difference between incremental change and transformation at Sam’s Club.  I downloaded their app and used their Scan-and-Go feature.  I scanned the items as I put them in my cart.  When I was done, I used my saved credit card and went directly to the exit.  No lines, no moving bulky items around in the cart to scan.

It reinforces one of the key pillars of an exceptional customer experience:  Make it easy to do business—find ways to eliminate hurdles that detract from the customer’s experience.

What have you done lately to look for, and eradicate, your customers’ hurdles?

Mandy Dietz

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