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The Evolution of a Center of Excellence

A current topic for a number of our clients is what type of “center of excellence” (CoE) will work best for their organization. One client has evolved the “just right” process improvement structure that brings the level of support that matches the company’s process readiness. Initially, this company had zero process competency, so the CoE represented a centralized development and control of continuous improvement practices and initiatives.

Many organizations never grow from this initial state. As a result, the CoE becomes an island of isolated experts rather than a valued support system for organic performance improvement.

Fortunately, ownership and engagement have expanded throughout the client company. The CoE is now moving to more of a support, encouragement and reporting role.

This same company is now considering how to structure its project management CoE. Because pockets of project management practices do exist, the CoE may start with creation of standards and building consistency.

Match your structure and roles to meet the needs of your organization. And recognize that the Center of Excellence can change as the organization’s needs and capabilities change.

–Mandy Dietz

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