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The Perfect Storm… In a Good Way

The $100 Million Team?

Ever been part of a project team and found yourself thinking “if only we had better commitment from management we could really make a difference”… or “if only there was an easy way to quantify our results”… or “if only our technology wasn’t outdated”… or “if only…” “if only…” “if only…”???

Most projects get bogged down by numerous “if only’s,” which makes it all the more enticing to imagine what could be accomplished if a team had everything it needed to be successful. I participated on just such a team once, and guess what happened? We added over $100 million in top line revenue over a five year period.

The team was focused on improving the utilization of the operating rooms in a large hospital, so if you are in health care this is a must-attend. But even if you aren’t, the story of how the team dealt with change management issues, used data to their advantage, engaged in process creation and improvement, and strategized about how to achieve success for all the various stakeholders is very instructive and contains multiple takeaways that transcend industry.

Sign up for the complimentary webinar, Data Analytics and Process Transformation, on March 16, 2021 (11:00 EST) and hear the story firsthand from Ralph Smith, Orion representative and member of the Operating Room Executive Committee.

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