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Public and Corporate Trainings

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. At Orion, we believe in developing talents for lifelong learning. We offer specialized certificate programs and corporate training designed to empower professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

Public Training

Our public training provides the perfect opportunity to develop both individual skills and earn professional certification. Whether you are looking for a single seminar or an entire certification program, we have the resources necessary to help you build your knowledge base.

Custom Corporate Training

For businesses eager to take their workforce to the next level, Orion offers custom corporate training programs designed around your organization’s specific needs. From one-day seminars to multiple day workshops, our team of industry experts can accommodate every training need.

Trusted by respected institutions across the United States

Baldwin Wallace
Eckerd College
George Mason University
Michigan State University
University of Delaware
University of Hawaii
UNC Charlotte
Westchester Community College
University of Wisconsin

The Only Thing Constant in Business is Change

Are you looking for training to stay ahead in a market that’s always changing? Whether you are looking for an online certificate program or custom corporate training, Orion has the tools and resources necessary to help you navigate the changing business landscape.

What others say about us

The material was lively and meaningful. I was able to apply real-world problems to the material learned.


County of Ionia

Credible, entertaining, held our interest . One of the best classes we have taken.


Progress Energy

Public Training Overview

Our public training programs offer comprehensive, industry-leading knowledge and skills to help professionals develop the right set of competencies.

Process Management Certificate Series

The business concept of “process” is not new. But in the 21st century, mastering “process” has become imperative for leaders in all sectors. Why? Because BPM unleashes the potential of new technology while assuring day-to-day excellence delivers measurable strategic results.

This BPM Certificate Program includes the four modules/programs below: 

  1. Essentials of BPM
  2. Process Mapping & Systems Thinking
  3. Performance Improvement Strategies
  4. Process Transformation

Essentials of Business Process Management

BPM encompasses both performance improvement and strategic differentiation.  This seminar provides the context for sustainable and impactful BPM success.

Process Mapping & Systems Thinking

Process Mapping is the essential foundation for every approach to quality improvement (Six Sigma, Lean, RPI, reengineering) and workflow automation (ERP, BPMS, CRM).  Orion’s course, taught nationwide since 1994, is the de facto standard of the industry.

Performance Improvement Strategies

Think about it, all performance improvement methodologies (PDCA, Six Sigma, TQM, reengineering, etc.) have four elements in common: Customer value, process maps and measures, root cause analysis and improvement strategies. The tools and other techniques taught in this seminar will enable you to use the right data and the right tools to craft the right solution to improve performance.

Process Transformation

Getting better business results requires both art and science: data-driven problem-solving and out-of-the-box creativity. This seminar will add creative redesign techniques to your classic process improvement skills so you can deliver both continuous improvement and breakthrough solutions for your organization.

Custom Corporate Training

If you need something tailored specifically to your business, our team of certified trainers can develop and deliver custom corporate training programs to meet the unique needs of your organization.



Project Management

Process Management

Business Analysis

Customer Experience

Real skills from real practitioners

If your organization has several people to train or is about to launch a mission-critical project, Orion can bring the classes to your site. The workshops can be tailored to specific needs and incorporate your real-world data, processes and projects

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