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Public Training and Certification Program

World-Class Education from Instructors with Decades of Real-World Experience

Our public training is the ultimate way to hone your professional skills, as well as earn valuable certifications. Whether you’re seeking a single seminar or an extensive certification program, we have all of the necessary resources to assist in expanding your knowledge and abilities. Each course is designed to provide individuals and professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel.

Business Process Management (BPM) Certificate Program

Our BPM Certificate Program will give you the practical, hands-on skills you need to succeed in today’s business world. Learn the key concepts, methodologies, and best practices from experienced instructors and practitioners. Gain the technical skills, people skills, political acumen, and strategic creativity you need to unleash the potential of BPM for your organization and your career.

This BPM Certificate Program includes the four modules/programs below:

  1. Essentials of BPM
  2. Process Mapping & Systems Thinking
  3. Performance Improvement Strategies
  4. Process Transformation

Not Ready to Take the Full Certification?

We also offer modules or seminars which you can take individually if you aren’t ready to get your certification. All courses are designed to help you gain the practical knowledge and skills you need to succeed in today’s ever-changing business world.

Essentials of Business Process Management

BPM encompasses both performance improvement and strategic differentiation.  This seminar provides the context for sustainable and impactful BPM success.

Process Mapping & Systems Thinking

Process Mapping is the essential foundation for every approach to quality improvement (Six Sigma, Lean, RPI, reengineering) and workflow automation (ERP, BPMS, CRM).  Orion’s course, taught nationwide since 1994, is the de facto standard of the industry.

Performance Improvement Strategies

Think about it, all performance improvement methodologies (PDCA, Six Sigma, TQM, reengineering, etc.) have four elements in common: Customer value, process maps and measures, root cause analysis and improvement strategies. The tools and other techniques taught in this seminar will enable you to use the right data and the right tools to craft the right solution to improve performance.

Process Transformation

Getting better business results requires both art and science: data-driven problem-solving and out-of-the-box creativity. This seminar will add creative redesign techniques to your classic process improvement skills so you can deliver both continuous improvement and breakthrough solutions for your organization.

Process Transformation - Discovering and Implementing Innovative Solutions **DUPLICATE**

June 13 - 21, 2024
Location: TBA

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Process Transformation - Discovering and Implementing Innovative Solutions **DUPLICATE**

June 13 - 21, 2024
Location: TBA

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