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Software Testing & Quality Assurance

Credits: 12 PDUs

Software is a “mission-critical” component of most products and services. That’s why your testing and quality assurance activities must be both thorough and cost effective. This comprehensive seminar provides the broad range of skills necessary to meet this goal. Software development is both creativity and production, art and science. This paradox is precarious in a business world where failure can be extremely expensive. Our comprehensive seminar will teach you a structured approach to software quality that will help you develop applications faster, better, and cheaper.

17 Critical Skills You Will Bring Back to Your Organization

  1. How to develop industry approved quality plans
  2. How to develop effective test plans
  3. How to test faster, better, and cheaper
  4. How to optimize your investment in QA and testing
  5. How to reduce time to market
  6. How to understand your exposure with every software release
  7. How to identify key compo
  8. How to find out where you are vs. your competitors
  9. How to identify key components of process assurance
  10. How to develop a road map for developing the quality function
  11. How to integrate product and processes for better quality
  12. How to conduct a successful review
  13. How to measure the quality of your product, improvements in process, and customer satisfaction
  14. How to approach the new technology issues: C/S, intranet/extranet, virus management
  15. How to reduce the cost of maintenance
  16. How to improve the development and maintenance process
  17. How to implement process management into your development and testing phases

Program Benefits...What You Will Learn

  • Manage quality vs. time and cost
  • Develop and execute test plans
  • Employ strategies for defect prevention
  • Perform walkthroughs and inspections
  • Utilize techniques for environmental, unit, and integration testing
  • Reduce the time and cost of software testing while improving quality
  • Support business processes and software reengineering

Who Will Benefit

  • Systems, business, technical, and QA analysts or managers
  • Operations, product, project, IT, and development managers
  • Requirements and design engineers
  • Software developers and testers

Seminar Outline

Process Assurance

  • Techniques for process assurance
  • Causes of failure in process assurance
  • Verification versus validation
  • The product delivery process (a new paradigm)

Product Assurance

  • Techniques of product assurance
  • Activities to assure product quality
  • A new paradigm for assuring quality software design and architecture

Software Quality Assurance

  • Required component of software quality
  • Building an effective software quality organization
  • Building a separate quality assurance organization
  • The cost effectiveness of software testing
  • The impact of new paradigm
  • Techniques and contents of an SQA plan

Software Quality Standards

  • Some standards for software quality
  • The product delivery process
  • Components of a specification
  • Release management
  • Software quality standards in the product delivery process

Overview of Test Cycles

  • Objectives of testing
  • Black box testing versus white box testing
  • Unit testing
  • Ad-hoc testing
  • White box testing
  • Black box testing
  • Integration testing>
  • Incremental versus non-incremental
    • Big-Bang integration
    • Top-down integration
    • Bottom-up integration
    • Risk-based integration testing
  • System testing
    • System test consideration
    • Other tests (measures)
    • Testing maintenance problems
    • The credibility of software testing
    • Regression testing
    • Acceptance testing

Test Planning

  • Benefits of a test plan
  • Developing a successful test plan
  • Test plan sample
  • Automated test tools
  • Outsourcing

Software Quality Assurance Reviews

  • Objective
  • General guidelines
  • Walk-throughs and inspections

Basic Concepts of Measurements

  • Definitions
  • Understanding the need for collecting metrics
  • Cost of metrics
  • Common measurements and tips
  • Establishing a measurement program and prototyping
  • The impact of filters as feedback mechanisms

Process Improvement Road Map

  • Seven steps of the Process Improvement Road-Map

Standards and Evaluation of Process

  • ISO 9000
  • SEI Maturity Model
  • Relationship and differences between SEI, ISO 9001 and ISO 9000-3

Software Development, Total Quality Management and Risk Management

  • The umbrella of TQM
  • TQM and New Paradigm

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