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Customer Experience Seminars

StrategyTransformative Customer Experience or CX programs go far beyond automating for cost reduction and reinventing processes for improved customer satisfaction. They are the intersection of strategic marketing, out-of-the-box thinking, and operational innovation. These programs have the exciting potential to increase revenue, strengthen customer loyalty, expand market share and generate customer referrals.

Orion’s Customer Experience Seminars are designed to help your business leaders envision innovations that not only delight the customer but have a dramatic impact on your value proposition, strategic goals and revenue. We are proud to partner with premier universities in offering seminars designed specifically for professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of Customer Experience.

Discovering the Breakthrough Customer Experience

How to Generate Innovations that Matter to Your Customers and to Your Strategy

Designing Value-Added Customer Experience Solutions 

How to Convert the Big Idea into an Executable Business Case

Deploying the Customer-Centric Organization

How to Execute and Sustain Your CX Transformation

Design Thinking & Customer Experience Tranformation

A Roadmap for Business Results

Tools for Achieving Breakthrough CX

A Six-Hour eLearning Program

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