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Discovering Your Breakthrough Customer Experience

How to Build Lifelong Relationships with Students, Members, Patients and Customers

Six Hour Event (Three two-hour live modules)

Customer Experience is said to be the next competitive battleground in most industries but, according to Forrester Research, just 0.5% of global brands will achieve customer excellence over the next two years. Why the dichotomy?

Too many organizations are looking for the silver bullet. Delivering an experience that builds lifelong relationships isn’t about buying the latest tech (AI, bots), using new marketing metrics or employing esoteric design thinking techniques.

This web-based program was co-developed by a former Disney executive. It will highlight a roadmap and toolkit you can use to evaluate your organization’s strategic need for CX transformation (value curve), look at your business from the customer’s perspective (customer journey maps, personas), and select improvement and innovation projects that will have the greatest impact on customer success.

What You Will Learn

  • Assess how customer/student/member/patient experience impacts strategy
  • Look at your business through the customer’s eyes
  • Understand the emotional impact of business processes and touch points
  • Identify opportunities to make business process changes that address your customer’s “moments of truth”
  • Devise creative customer experience solutions
  • Make your culture more customer-centric

eLearning Outline

1. The Strategic Case for CX

  • “Happy” is not enough
  • Impact of CX on strategic goals
  • Value curves
  • CX roadmap

2. Customer Journey Mapping

  • Who are your “customers?”
  • Understanding expectations
  • Mapping their journey (not yours)
  • Understanding moments of truth

3. Connecting CX and Daily Operations

  • Aligning the customer journey with your business processes
  • System and process mapping
  • Improvement versus innovation
  • Toward a customer-centric culture

Who Should Attend

You will benefit most from this learning experience if you are a:

  • Leader planning your organization’s customer transformation initiative
  • Service/Product Line leader
  • Marketing or Brand manager
  • Business Process Owner
  • Senior leader who owns the customer relationship
  • Customer Service leader and Customer Relationship Manager
  • Member of a customer or process transformation team

Too many organizations have gone done the wrong path in pursuing a CX breakthrough. Take the first step in the right direction.  Register for this eLearning event today!

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