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E-Learning When You Want It

Orion Development Group offers recorded self-study modules based on our renowned classroom curriculum.  Topic areas include:

Webinars can be purchased individually or as part of a subscription plan.


Subscription Options


Pay one price ($995) for unlimited access to all Orion self-paced webinars for 12 months.  Our library has 20 impactful modules…and is growing.  The per-module savings is more than 50%.

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12 months of unlimited access to all self-paced webinars for up to 20 people: $5,000. Less than $25 per webinar.

Bonus: $1,000 toward onsite services.

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12 months of unlimited access to all self-paced webinars for up to 50 people: $10,000. Less than $20 per webinar.

Bonus: Up to $7,000 toward live training.

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Business Process Improvement Series

Essentials of Process Mapping

Process Mapping is the foundation for every performance improvement and technology transformation project.

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Eliminating NVA Activities

On average, 20%-30% of all business costs are attributable to non-value-added activities. Eliminate them!

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Essentials of Process Innovation

Key techniques to generate out-of-the-box solutions and to leverage them to deliver meaningful business results.

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Data Analytics Series

Collecting the Right Data

Data Analytics, Part 1. Cutting-edge technology and brilliant data scientists are no match for the wrong data.

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Using Charts & Graphs

Data Analytics, Part 2. How to analyze data and to communicate important conclusions to decision makers.

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Making Data-Driven Decisions

Data Analytics, Part 3. How to use stats, graphs and your business judgement to make the best decisions.

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Change Management Series

Organizing for Change

Change Management, Part 1.  Lay the foundation for project success on Day 1 with a comprehensive plan.

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Gaining Buy-In

Change Management, Part 2. Turning great ideas into reality is the biggest challenge of improvement projects.

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Facilitating Change

Change Management, Part 3. Successful teams don’t just happen; they need a skilled Facilitator.

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Essential Analysis Tools Series

Pareto Charts

Essential Tool #1:  Identify the vital few issues that demand your process improvement focus.

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Cause & Effect (Fishbone) Diagrams

Essential Tool #2.  Don’t just treat symptoms. Find and resolve the causes of business problems.

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Scatter Diagrams

Essential Tool #3: Find upstream metrics that impact results by seeing the relationship between variables.

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Group Problem-Solving Tools Series


The sociogram is a great tool to help team leaders and facilitators draw out the potential of each team member.

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Conflict Management

Managed properly, conflict generates new ideas, helps evaluate options and reveals people issues to resolve.

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Brainstorming generates many potential solutions. Multivoting is an effective approach to gaining group consensus.

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Our Favorite Tools Series

Control Charts

Favorite Tool #1:  Identify performance variation that requires management action versus process redesign.

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Kano Model & Diagram

Favorite Tool #2.  Distinguish between different levels of customer need to gain a competitive edge.

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Strategy Maps

Favorite Tool #3: Keep everyone focused on your top goal by aligning objectives and day-to-day operations.

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Live Webinars

All Orion training can be delivered via live, web-based sessions customized to your organization’s specific needs.  Orion also has two standing open-enrollment webinars that are scheduled 2-3 times per year.

Essentials of Business Process Management

Essentials of Business Process Management is a six-hour e-learning event delivered in three (3) two-hour modules. It is a component of the Business Process Management Certificate Series and provides ABPMP credit.

Tools for Achieving Breakthrough CX

Tools for Achieving a Breakthrough Customer Experience is a six-hour e-learning event delivered in three (3) two-hour modules. The program, co-developed by a former Disney executive, will highlight a roadmap and toolkit you can use to discover the CX opportunity that will have maximum impact for your customer and your bottom line.

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