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Process Mapping Refresher

Bob BoehringerHas it been some time since you’ve taken Process Mapping and you want to refresh your skills? Maybe you’re about to join a process team or are struggling with a particular process analysis challenge.

Whether you have a specific question or you’d like to hear others’ questions on the topic, you won’t want to miss this online Process Mapping Refresher.

This two-hour forum with Bob Boehringer, Orion’s EVP of Process Management is a recording of a live session. It is an extraordinary opportunity to:

During the presentation portion of the forum, Bob will present his expert advice on how to address common roadblocks in process analysis such as:

Bob Boehringer is the Executive Vice President – Process Management for Orion Development Group. He has more than 25 years of experience helping professionals improve quality and productivity via the implementation of organization improvement methodologies (i.e. TQM, Team-Based Problem Solving, Lean, Six Sigma, Process Reengineering).

Mr. Boehringer is the architect of several of Orion’s seminars, including Process Mapping – which is the de facto standard of the industry, having been delivered to more than 20,000 professionals from both private and public sector organizations in the last two decades.

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