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Data Analytics for Healthcare Leaders

Integrating Statistics and Experience to Drive Your Business Decisions

Two-Day, In-Person Workshop or Four Virtual Half-Days

How to find meaningful insights from your systems and data

Data Analytics is oft-touted as a “new” methodology but most health care professionals have been analyzing data their entire careers.

Hidden in existing systems (block scheduling, practice management, talent management, etc.) are treasure troves of information that will enable you to improve revenue capture, to reallocate resources from underutilized units to emerging areas of need, and to significantly improve clinical and non-clinical outcomes.

This seminar will arm you with the tools and strategies to determine which data are vital, ask the right questions of analysts who support you, interpret results to make good business decisions and effectively communicate your conclusions to varied audiences.

What You Will Learn

Working in a classroom setting or on facilitated projects, Orion will help you:

  • Understand what data to use to meet specific objectives
  • Use data to deliver better results
    • Patient outcomes
    • Revenue
    • Margins
    • Strategic objectives
  • Present data analysis in the format best suited to your varied audiences (executives, operational leaders, staff)
  • Define parameters for data governance

Seminar Outline

  1. Data Analytics and Healthcare Management
    1. Data analysis: What’s old and what’s new?
    2. Sifting the mountain of data
    3. What is “good” data?
  2. Using Data to Make Good Decisions
    1. Understanding data – Case One
    2. Identifying patterns and failure points
    3. Case Study: Room Turn Time
    4. Root cause problem solving
    5. Scatter Diagrams: Finding relationships between variables
    6. Causation vs. correlation
    7. Understanding Variation
    8. Identifying events that require management action
    9. Case Study: Patient Satisfaction
    10. Case Study: Increasing Revenue
  3. Predictive Analytics
    1. Can we predict the future?
    2. Statistical prediction models
    3. Complex data: Keys to success
    4. Asking the right questions of “data scientists” and analysts
  4. Scorecards and Dashboards
    1. Balanced Scorecard
    2. Which are the good ones and the bad ones?
    3. Leveraging your business knowledge and intuition
  5. Data Governance
    1. Importance of a sound data governance framework
    2. Basic data governance parameters
    3. Road map to creation

Credits: 12 PDUs

Who Should Attend

This program is appropriate as a consulting engagement or training event for hospitals, medical centers, mid- to large size practices, and rehab/nursing facilities.  Typical attendees include:

  • Manager or Director of Operations
  • Director of Nursing
  • Manager of any specialty care department
  • Lean or Quality professional
  • Leader or member of a process or quality improvement team
  • Director or manager who needs to leverage “big data to make decisions

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