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Executing Change in Healthcare

Navigating Large Scale Changes in Operations and Culture

One Day In-Person Seminar or Two Virtual Half-Days

How to earn buy-in from clinical and non-clinical staff

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are among the most challenging environments to implement change. We deal in lives so the risk factors are much greater.  Touch points between clinical and non-clinical operations are natural tension points.  Our staffs are regularly dealing with myriad regulatory and technology revisions.

These factors make effective project management and change communication extremely important to achieving the intended outcomes for any technology or performance improvement investment.

This seminar will arm you and your team with practical tools and concepts to manage the technical and human elements of implementing a performance improvement solution, thereby improving the effectiveness and sustainability of change.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand factors that influence change in healthcare
  • Develop a framework to organize change
  • Create an implementation strategy and plan to effectively manage change
  • Put practices in place to integrate and sustain change
  • Foster collaboration between clinical and non-clinical stakeholders to ensure change improves patient-centered care

Seminar Outline

  1. Define the Change
  2. Confirm strategic alignment
  3. Conduct impact analysis
  4. Define and engage stakeholders
  5. Prepare for Change
  6. Manage resistance to change
  7. Create change coalition
  8. Prioritize change initiatives
  9. Plan for Change
  10. Development implementation plan
  11. Define and address risks
  12. Establish control plan
  13. Implement and Sustain the Change
  14. Implementation strategies to optimize results
  15. Validate interim results
  16. Optimize cross-functional results

Credits: 12 PDUs

Who Should Attend

  • Director or Manager of Operations
  • Administrator
  • Manager of any specialty care department
  • Director or Manager of Information Technology
  • Director of Training or Organizational Development
  • Director or Manager of Quality
  • Project Manager or Business Analyst
  • Leader or member of a process or technology improvement team

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