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Process Optimization in Healthcare

Beyond Lean: Reducing Costs and Increasing Revenue

Two-Day, In-Person Workshop or Four Virtual Half-Days

How to improve all measure of quality and serve more patients

In an environment filled with technological, regulatory and administrative change –and a pandemic– hospitals and practices must serve significantly more patients while accepting lower reimbursement.  It is a “business” model that would not work for most businesses.

Short-term staff reductions and one-time cost savings are not a solution…and reducing quality of patient care is not an option.  Fortunately, you can do more with less without sacrificing patient care.  The solution lies in a healthcare-specific methodology that leverages the best elements from CQI, Lean, Six Sigma and RPI.

This workshop will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to better understand your processes and implement lasting solutions.

What You Will Learn / Do

  • Clarify opportunities for improvement and the techniques best suited to the challenges at hand
  • Document workflows in a meaningful, usable manner
  • Determine when “quick hit” improvements will suffice
  • Innovate processes to deliver dramatic breakthroughs in capacity or patient satisfaction
  • Leverage improvements to achieve strategic goals

Workshop Outline

  1. The process improvement imperative
    • CQI vs. Lean vs. Six Sigma vs. RPI
    • MEDIC Methodology
    • Problem/opportunity identification
  2. Optimizing the Flow of Services
    • Systems Mapping vs. Process Mapping
    • Evaluating key relationships across the organization
    • Process Mapping overview
    • Increasing Efficiency: Waste vs. Value Analysis
    • Identifying process measures
  3. Process Improvement & Innovation
    • From “As Is” to “Should Be” to “Could Be”
    • Cause & Effect analysis
    • Evaluating alternatives
    • Innovation: The Five Max Method
  4. Strategic Innovation
    • What differentiates your organization?
    • Value Analysis
    • Creative Thinking
    • Leveraging processes for strategic advantage
    • Kano Model and patient satisfaction

Credits: 12 PDUs

Who Should Attend

This program is appropriate as a consulting engagement or training event for hospitals, medical centers, mid- to large size practices, and rehab/nursing facilities.  Typical attendees include:

  • VP or Director of Operations
  • Director of Nursing
  • Manager of any specialty care department
  • Chief HR Officer or Director of Organizational Development
  • VP or Director of Quality
  • Lean or Quality professional
  • Leader or member of a process or quality improvement team
  • Director or manager whose department needs to serve more patients with existing resources

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