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Transforming the Patient Experience

Best Practices for Improving Patient/Family Satisfaction and HCAHPS Scores

Two-Day, In-Person Workshop or Four Virtual Half-Days

How to see healthcare through the patient’s eyes

Clinical outcomes have always been the most important measure of patient satisfaction.  In today’s healthcare business environment, however, a more holistic view of patient engagement is demanded by the payers, patients and healthcare leadership.

This seminar will arm you with tools and skills to:

  • Understand the journey from the patient’s perspective
  • Rethink patient interactions
  • Identify process or technology changes that will really matter to patients and their families
  • Educate staff about patient “moments of truth
  • Implement measurable improvements to patient satisfaction
  • Develop patient loyalty and an enhanced reputation

What You Will Learn

  • Clarify the business imperative of non-clinical patient satisfaction
  • Be prepared to compete with other providers
  • Eliminate the root cause of current patient satisfaction issues
  • Redefine the patient engagement model
  • Apply new model to establish new, patient-focused norms

Seminar Outline

  1. The Expanding Definition of Patient Satisfaction
    • Clinical outcomes versus HCAHPS
    • Value-based purchasing
    • Competition
  2. Define and Understand Patient Expectations
    • Who is the patient?
    • What other stakeholders (e.g. family) must we satisfy?
    • When does the experience begin?
    • Tools to define the expectations
    • Tools to evaluate and prioritize the need
  3. Map the Patient Experience
    • Reaffirm the experience boundaries
    • Map the experience
    • Tools to enhance the patient experience map
    • Align the expectations to the experience
    • Identify experience disconnects
  4. Evaluate and Close the Gaps
    • Prioritize the gaps
    • Determine root causes (Communication, Process, Policy, Behavior)
    • Generate solutions to close the gaps
  5. Implement Solutions
    • Addressing organization culture issues

Who Should Attend

This program is appropriate as a consulting engagement or training event for hospitals, medical centers, mid- to large size practices, and rehab/nursing facilities.  Typical attendees include:

  • VP or Director of Operations
  • VP, Patient Services or Chief Patient Experience Officer
  • Administrator
  • Director of Nursing or CNO
  • Director of Revenue Cycle
  • VP of Strategy or Marketing
  • Chief HR Officer or Director of Organizational Development
  • VP or Director of Quality
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Leader or member of a patient experience team

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