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Achieving Six Sigma Performance

Credits: 12 PDUs

“Six Sigma has galvanized our company with an intensity the likes of which I have never seen in my 40 years at GE”
– Jack Welch, CEO, General Electric

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Six Sigma: A Proven Approach to Achieving Operational Excellence and Business Results

You know the success stories:

So is Six Sigma the “revolutionary business strategy” some say it is? No. Six Sigma is not new. It is not strategy. Six Sigma is a rigorous application of proven quality management principles that provides an organization with the tools, techniques, resources, culture and business focus needed to:

Maximize Customer Value
Deliver outstanding quality consistently

Minimize Process Costs
Dramatically reduce waste and inefficiency

In other words, Six Sigma — properly applied — helps your company achieve operational excellence. Improperly applied, it becomes the “program-of-the-month” that fails to fully engage the commitment of valuable resources.

Achieving Six Sigma Performance

Measurement and statistical analysis are central to a Six Sigma approach. As your processes create value for your customers, variation occurs. Results from product to product or service to service vary. Understanding and reducing process variation are the keys to achieving six sigma performance. Mastering process variation also helps you unlock process wisdom that enables breakthrough performance.

Achieving Six Sigma Performance will deliver techniques you can use to:

This practical, how-to-do-it seminar will help you understand how Six Sigma fits with your existing management approach and arm you with a suite of tools to control, optimize and innovate the processes that drive your business system. Act now. Enroll a team of key process leaders today.

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