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Advanced Process Mapping

How to solve complex business process challenges

A Two-Day Seminar

Imagine trying to move one strand in a spider’s web. It’s impossible to do so without impacting the entire structure. Your company is like that web. It is comprised of a business system that is much more complex than simple organization charts and process maps reveal. That’s why your most deep-rooted business process problems cannot be eradicated with the same simple mapping tools you use to improve most processes.

The solutions to your organization’s most complex challenges cannot be one-dimensional. Simple solutions, while elegant, often fail to address key factors that later undermine business results. Understanding how activities, stakeholders, and information interact within your business system can make the difference between achieving modest improvement and breakthrough performance. To help your processes realize their full potential, you must be able to:

  • Determine if business challenges require process design or process deployment changes
  • Charter appropriate process, technology, and policy improvement initiatives
  • Analyze your processes with a systems thinking perspective
  • Map variables and interactions that impact performance
  • Measure key process variables
  • Determine the hidden root causes to complex process challenges
  • Devise and document new process designs
  • Failsafe and, when possible, automate process solutions

What You Will Learn

  • Take a “systems thinking” approach to process improvement
  • Apply advanced process documentation and analysis techniques to explore complex or persistent business challenges
  • Evaluate the cause-and-effect relationships of process variables
  • Innovate process design and deployment alternatives
  • Design and implement improvements that dramatically improve your efficiency and customer satisfaction

Seminar Outline

Systems Approach to Process Improvement

  • Using systems thinking to understand complex challenges
  • Choosing the right scope

Exploring Complex Challenges

  • System maps
  • Relationship diagrams – identifying variables that affect process performance
  • Causal loop diagrams – understanding how variables interact
  • Determining root causes
  • Dynamic systems analysis

Designing the New Process

  • Methodology for improvement
  • State change charts
  • Mind Mapping and creative problem solving
  • Documenting the solution

Sustaining the Solution

  • Failsafe: the process FMEA
  • Automate: applying ERP and BPM systems

Are You Ready?

  • Assessing your ability to implement process change
  • Defining the pitfalls to creating and/or sustaining this change

Who Should Attend

You will benefit most from this learning experience if you are a:

    • Director or Manager of Operations, Administration, or Manufacturing
    • Process Manager, Owner, Leader, Analyst, Consultant, or Engineer
    • Director/Coordinator of ISO, TQM, CQI, or Six Sigma
    • Finance Director or Manager, or a Human Resource professional
    • Member of a Process Improvement or Six Sigma team
    • Member of a Process or Organization Redesign Initiatives
    • Process Analysts or Consultants; Team Facilitators
    • Professional involved in your organization’s process or quality improvement efforts

Credits: 12 PDUs

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