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Implementing Performance Improvement & IT Upgrades

How to Deploy and Integrate Performance Improvement Solutions

A Two-Day Seminar

Making It Work in the Real World

After months of dedicated work, you and your team have designed a new business process that will leverage emerging technology and superior business acumen to dramatically improve all measures of performance. Now comes the hard part…implementing it.

The last decade has seen organizations in all sectors benefit from a renewed surge in productivity. These gains are the direct result of improved process management techniques and the application of new technology. Still, the business press reports many stories of failed reengineering efforts, insufficient ROI from enterprise software systems, and the rejection of new technology by workers. Why this disparity?

Because the challenge of implementing process or technology change is as great as the challenge of creating innovative business process solutions.

Implementing process change requires a powerful combination of “soft” skills and “hard” skills: Techniques that will win widespread support for process changes and methodologies to implement the solution effectively.

What You Will Learn

  • Engage stakeholders to win support for process change
  • Evaluate factors that could hamper or foster implementation
  • Create effective process improvement project plans and controls
  • Implement the solution on time and within budget
  • Transition from implementation to day-to-day execution of the improved process
  • Measure and monitor results
  • Establish practices to sustain the gains in performance

Seminar Outline

I. The Challenge of Deployment and Integration

  • Why good solutions fail to be implemented
  • Why successful implementations aren’t sustained
  • Deployment: Seeing the Big Picture
  • Identifying and analyzing stakeholders
  • Evaluating the impact of potential solutions
  • Picking the “right” solution

II. Deployment: Enabling Change

  • Financial analysis
  • Organizational readiness
  • Picking the best team
  • Leveraging individual strengths and contributions
  • Dealing with resistance and conflict

III. Deployment: Executing the Solution

  • Project planning and control
  • Risk management and contingencies
  • Meeting scheduled performance targets
  • Transitioning activities

IV. Integration: Living the Solution

  • What inhibits integration?
  • Validating success
  • Measuring and monitoring customer impacts
  • Looking for ongoing improvements

Who Should Attend

You will benefit most from this learning experience if you are a:

  • Leader of Process Improvement, Kaizen, Lean or Reengineering Team
  • Process Manager and Process Improvement Facilitator
  • Business Analyst
  • Internal Change Agent
  • Manager or Consultant who is installing BPM, ERP, CRM or similar technologies
  • Senior Leader who is a “Champion” of process/technology change

Implementing Process Change & IT Upgrades presents a practical, how-to approach. It is chock full of tools, templates and techniques you can put to use right away.

For leaders who are investing significant financial in new technology or significant political capital in process improvement or reengineering, this is an essential seminar that will help your company realize its vision for the future.

Act now. Enroll a team of key leaders today.

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