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Implementing & Sustaining Process Excellence

Everyone wants to be “Lean.” Just like losing weight, making your processes efficient is a challenge. Staying “Lean” is a greater challenge. It requires ongoing changes in behavior. This seminar will show you how to make efficiency and continuous improvement sustainable in your organization.

Let’s face it, most organizations have been stung by the “improvement paradox.” After investing large amounts of time, political capital and money into a Six Sigma, ERP or reengineering project, the successful solution is implemented. Only the “success” is fleeting.

Early victories fade from memory. Staff members encounter unforeseen difficulties and reinstate old processes. Anticipated business results are not achieved. Continuous improvement becomes an elusive goal.

Implementing & Sustaining Process Excellence bridges the gap between technical improvement techniques (maps and measures) and culture change (active participation and buy-in). It will enable you to get your front-line staff earnestly involved in performance excellence on a day-to-day basis. Improvement solutions will be implemented. New ideas will emerge from the grassroots level, thereby making continuous improvement a reality.

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