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Lean Six Sigma

This hands-on 2-day session will provide participants with the tools and methods to realize the full potential of strategic continuous improvement efforts. Learn how to “Lead with Lean and Sweep up with Six Sigma.” The strategic integration of these proven methods significantly improves responsiveness, which ultimately creates competitive advantage.

The first day of the seminar introduces the method and tools that achieve the ultimate objective, to eliminate waste and become a Lean Enterprise. Participants will learn how to identify and prioritize opportunities to streamline business and industrial processes, how to measure responsiveness in terms of time and cost and how to dramatically reduce waste. A powerful simulation provides hands-on use of the tools, taking the learning beyond an academic understanding to enable the application within your own business.

The second day begins with an interactive exercise that effectively demonstrates the link between Lean and Six Sigma. Participants will learn to recognize when the Six Sigma method and tools are appropriate – when variation impedes further process improvement, when the complexity of the process demands a deeper dive to achieve entitlement. The remainder of the session provides an appreciation for Six Sigma metrics and the tools that reduce variation, improve quality and enable further waste elimination.

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Seminar Outline

Day 1

Day 2

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