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Process Innovation

How to Create and Deploy Breakthrough Ideas



Create and Leverage Process Strengths

Well-executed performance improvement initiatives usually deliver good short-term results…but what do you do after the low-hanging fruit has been harvested?

There are three enduring tests of a process change initiative. Did it:

  • Deliver results the customers care about?
  • Advance bottom-line or strategic goals?
  • Improve how we position our business in the marketplace?

In order to answer these questions positively, your organization must be able to do more than streamline operations: process innovation is essential. Innovation, when added to solid process management techniques, creates sustainable operational excellence, i.e. advantages in speed, value, quality or cost that are unique to your organization.

The tools and techniques of Process Innovation go beyond finding creative solutions to business process challenges; they provide the context and direction so that your organization’s investment in process change yields meaningful and lasting returns.

What You Will Learn

  • Evaluate process performance relative to current strategic goals
  • Consider improvement alternatives in a strategic and customer-focused context
  • Create a Strategy Canvas to assess the impact of processes on strategic position
  • Think outside the “process box”
  • Use cutting edge “Blue Ocean” and process leveraging techniques to generate ideas for breakthrough performance
  • Clarify current customer priorities and explore new value propositions that innovation enables
  • Redesign processes for maximum customer/strategic impact
  • Leverage process excellence to foster growth
  • Plan for the practical and political realities of process change

Seminar Outline

I. Improvement, Innovation, and Strategy

  • The Business Case for Process Innovation
  • Process change: Does the customer care?
  • Measuring strategic process performance
  • The Process perspective of the Balanced Scorecard
  • Improvement strategies: continuous improvement versus reengineering

II. Continuous Improvement Innovations

  • Cause-and-effect / affinity diagrams
  • Identifying necessary process changes

III. Reengineering Innovations: When tweaking will not suffice

  • The Five Max method
  • Process Extension
  • Kano Analysis

IV. Strategic Innovation: Leveraging process excellence

  • Market Extension
  • Enterprise Creation
  • Blue Ocean tools and the Strategy Canvas

V. Implementation

  • Organizing for Success
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Project planning
  • Team situation case studies

VI. Behavioral Change

  • Winners and Losers from Change (w/workshop)
  • Top Ten Facilitation Tips

Who Should Attend

You will benefit most from this learning experience if you are a:

  • Manager of Administration, Operations or Manufacturing
  • Process Owner, Manager or Analyst
  • Functional or Project Manager
  • Member of a Process Improvement Team
  • Professional actively involved in your organization’s process or quality improvement efforts

Credits: 14 PDUs/CDUs, ABPMP hours

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