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Process Redesign for Financial Services

How to Create Better Member/Customer Experiences and Build Long-Term Relationships

One-Day Seminar OR Multi-Day Virtual Seminar

Process + Customer Experience = Long-Term Relationships

The business environment for banks, credit unions, and insurance companies are far different from what it was just a decade ago.  Low-interest rates, competition from FinTech, and the emergence of millennials as a major customer segment have changed the competitive landscape.

To survive and grow today, financial service companies must design business processes that engage customers/members and deliver service value that differentiates your organization from the competition.  This seminar will arm you with process redesign tools and a roadmap to determine which process and technology changes will have the most impact on customer/member satisfaction, retention and service quality.

What You Will Learn

  • How to better target and serve your customer segments
  • Use customer needs and customer experience data to drive improvement efforts
  • Reduce turnaround times for loans and other key products
  • Devise innovative process redesign solutions that deliver meaningful business results and return on investment

Seminar Outline

I. The New World of Customer/Member Expectations

  • What is a great customer experience
  • Identifying key customers
  • Prioritizing customer/member expectations
  • The Kano Model
  • Understanding the customer/member experience

II. Connecting Member/Customer Expectations to Process

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Mapping how service is provided
  • Aligning the business process with the customer journey
  • Streamlining key processes

III. Service Innovation

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Innovation drivers
  • Mapping high-level solutions
  • Evaluating alternatives

Who Should Attend

You will benefit most from this learning experience if you are a (an):

  • Manager or Director of Operations
  • Executive who influences strategy
  • Branch Manager
  • Director of Customer/Member Engagement or Retention
  • Learning & Organization Development leader
  • Information Technology leader
  • Leader or member of a process or quality improvement team
  • Leader or member of a technology implementation team
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